Success Story

Tipitina’s Interns Perform with Blues Traveler

On the final day of Jazz Fest, Tipitina’s Interns Ian Kelly, Cameron Clark, and Kevin Gullage, performed for thousands of Blues Traveler fans to close out theFest at the Blues Tent.

Cameron Clark called the experience a turning point in his life: “It helped me realize that I truly want to be a performer for the rest of my life. The experience can’t even be put into words.., to play for [so] many people with such an amazing band…it was truly a blessing.”

Jim Brock Blues Traveler 1 (Kevin Gullage (organ), Cameron Clark (trumpet), Ian Kelly (baritone saxophone))

Ian Kelly was also ecstatic, stating, “I can’t describe the amazing vibe and the happiness and pure joy all of us felt while playing. It was an incredible experience and I can’t thank Tipitina’s Foundation and all the members of Blues Traveler for this opportunity.”

Jim Brock Blues Traveler 10 (Kevin Gullage (organ), Cameron Clark (trumpet), Ian Kelly (baritone saxophone))

As chronicled in St. Charles Herald Guide, Kevin was initially overwhelmed by the crowd cheering for the Tipitina’s Interns: “My first thought [after getting on stage] was, ‘Man, this is a lot of people,’” Gullage said of the thousands gathered to hear them play. “But while I was on stage, I felt the energy of it. I was smiling hard, excited to play with everyone. It was really great.”

Jim Brock Blues Traveler 4 (Kevin Gullage (organ), Cameron Clark (trumpet), Ian Kelly (baritone saxophone))

Thank you for making these opportunities possible. Photos by Jim Brock.

Jim Brock Blues Traveler 12 (Cameron Clark (trumpet), Kevin Gullage (organ), Ian Kelly (baritone saxophone))