Spring 2018 Tribute List

 Tipitina’s would like to thank 

all of you who donated in honor of a friend or loved one.  

Music inspires so many of us;

and this is truly reflected in the generous donations made April – June, 2018:


Deborah Confredo in memory of Alice Alden and in support of music education in Louisiana

Eric Gordon in memory of Dan Binggeli

BJ Cochran and his many Facebook friends in honor of his Birthday

Emily Loeb in honor of Joseph Freudenberg’s 50th Birthday

Hanway Pei in honor of Kris Kassem & Earl Carlson’s union, love of music, and love for this beautiful city, New Orleans

Julia Higginbotham, Patrick and Joan Miller Family, Tanya Selvaratnam, Jacqueline Alemany, Maxine Silverman, Rebecca Day, Clare and Dave Sievers, Kirsten Chapman, Martha Child, Andrew Cagnetta, Lei Lani Tarozzi, Christopher Dunyak, Jean Scanlon, Michele Panoff, Stacy and Glenn Boss, Paul and Elizabeth Sarkisian, David Workman, Consumer Technology Association, Patty Schwartz and Jim Nobele in memory of  John Laposky

Catherine Murray in honor of  Chelley and James May

Thalia Bender and Lenny Bender in memory of Danny Meron

Elizabeth Fisher Martin, Aaron Bunton in honor of Tim Miller and Tyler Jameson’s happy Wedding Day

Paul Sackley in honor of Mr. Okra

Anonymous, Helen Calvert, Mary Gallagher, Kimberly Kelly, Rebecca Sparks, Amanda Storey, Alameda Health System Quality Department, Rochelle McCullough in memory of  Andrew “Drew” Pummer

Martha Lavin and Dylan, Jed and Marc Solomon in honor of Sonny Schneidau

Scott Sedlmeier in honor of the wedding of Cory Sedlmeier and Andrea Burgay

Kathleen Charlton in memory of Allen Toussaint

Sheryl Tremblay and Marcia Curtis in memory of  Robert Wilfred Tremblay


Please forgive any omissions or errors. If you let us know, we will print a correction in our next publication.