Gifts Honoring Friends and Loved Ones


Tipitina’s would like to thank all of you who donated as part of our annual giving campaign. 

Music inspires so many of us; and this is truly reflected in the donations below which were made in honor of a friend or loved one:

 John Stephens in honor and in memory of Michael Thomas Aucoin, whose utter brilliance with the keys of a piano is, and will be, dearly missed

Kelly Baker in honor of  Amanda Bloom

Andrew Caine in honor of NOLA’s musical inspiration to Connor Caine

Mike and Lisa Boggs, Randy and Carol Sutton and Mark Volk in memory of Beth Casteneda

Robert and Marilyn Daniel in honor of Bill Daniel

Margaret Shiverick in honor of Quint Davis and Jazz Fest

Sean Callahan, John Galada, Roy Goldberg, Martha Lavin, Rita Trotter and Roger Zimmermann in memory of Fats Domino

Kathleen Reardon in memory of Big John Earl

Mindy Eiermann, Mike and Susan Bobbitt, Jeanne Cope, Victoria Conway, Tanya Roberts, Aaron Mihalik, Ted Attel, Chris Hrach, Brendan Kennedy, Rick Schlitz and Carlo Valentino in memory of Amy Lynn Eiermann

Patches Euchaski in honor of Ron Ellis

Thomas Ely in honor of Theodore Ely, Jr.

Lorraine and George Frykland in honor of Bryan Fryklund

Leslie Hartzell in memory of Doug Grekin

Alfred Blumstein in honor of Alex Gutwillig

Jim Hanlon in honor of Brian and Marsha Hanlon

Iris Biblowitz in honor of Max Hayum

Carol Hurwitz in memory of Jack Hurwitz, who loved NOLA

Michael Wright in honor of Logan Mercer Jackson

Diane Thomas in honor of Gerrit Jones-Rooy

Laura Nevin in honor of Eric KeismanandLinda Nevin

Chris Dischinger in honor of Dan Kessler

Cheryl Kugler in honor of Tad Kugler

Charles Rareshide in honor of Travis Lehman

James Leigh in memory of Maritie

Gay Hendricks in honor of Tim and Katherine Martin

Christopher Goldsmith and Robert Higginbotham in honor ofTimothy Miller and Tyler Jameson

Margaret Hahn In honor of Otrabanda Company

Ernest Baynard in memory of Arta Porter

Martha Lavin in memory of Professor Longhair

Anonymous in memory of Steven Milo Prosterman

Gary Lazarus in honor of Matt and Shira Rosenthal

Laura Stell in honor of Liz StellandBill Matthiesen

Charles Swanson in honor of Matt Stowell, lover of Louisiana music

David Worthington, Trey Yant, Roger and Brenda Yant, The DePauw University Department of Communication & Theatre, Mr. and Mrs. Regent LaBlanc, Barbara and Harry Penington, Dorothy Tremblay, Beth Haines, Edonisia and Robert Vickrey, and the families of Nancy Britland & Holly, Jeff & Beth Blaisdell, Joan Boteiho, Ann Marie Askew, Patti Jefferson, and Brian Cardoza in memory of Robert Wilfred Tremblay

Amy DeWys in honor of John Vanhecke

Christopher and Celeste Brooks in memory of Gardner Vaughn

Hank and Sue Marchal in honor of Roland & Mary von Kurnatowski

John and Virginia Noland in honor of Roland & Mary von Kurnatowski


 Please forgive any omissions or errors. If you let us know, we will print a correction in our next publication.