Eleanor McMain receives Marimba compliments of Stuart Hall

mcmain marimbastuart hall marimba

Tipitina’s Foundation is well known for our Instruments A Comin’ program and the millions of dollars in instruments we have provided to school bands throughout New Orleans and the state. However, a lesser know project is the work we do to “re-gift” used instruments, repairing them as needed. Throughout the year, individuals, businesses and organizations contact us to donate their no-longer-needed instruments. Through our instrument repair initiative, we quickly asses each donation, clean it, provide a new mouthpiece, strings, new case or anything else necessary to refurbish it. This year the Tipitina’s Foundation has received, refurbished and provided forty instruments to schools including Eleanor McMain Secondary School, Lake Area High School, Dolores T. Aaron AcademySci Academy, St. Augustine High School, and McDonogh 35 High School. We were also able to present a Baldwin Acrosonic Piano to Kingsely House, one of New Orleans’ finest non-profit organizations working to educates children, strengthen families and build community.

We aren’t finished yet! Later this month, we are excited to present Esperanza Charter School with six instruments.

We are grateful to all those who opt to donate their no longer used or broken instruments.Through these contributions, Tipitina’s Foundation reaches even more students, increasing our capacity in promoting childhood music education. If you have an instrument you would like to donate, download an instrument donation form here or email We promise to put it to good use!

Left: students from Stuart Hall School and their music teacher pose with the marimba they donated to Tipitina’s Foundation. Right: Students from the Eleanor McMain Secondary School pose with the very same marimba (which was received and “re-gifted” in excellent condition), which now resides with McMain’s music program.